Factors to Consider When Buying Hardwood Flooring

December 30, 2022


Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular types of flooring. It offers a beautiful look and a timeless appeal. There are several factors to consider when purchasing this type of floor. For example, wood species can determine the color, grain pattern, and durability. They can also affect the price and maintenance of the finished product.

Species of hardwood include cherry, oak, maple, birch, walnut, ash, and pine. The most common varieties are red and white oak. Oak is a durable and easy to work with type of wood.

Cherry is prized for its smooth grain pattern. Because of this, it is often used for underfoot areas. However, its softness makes it more vulnerable to damage than other hardwoods.

Maple is a light colored wood with a fine grain pattern. In addition, it is usually harder than oak. Both maple and oak are commonly found in U.S. homes.

Oak is a less expensive hardwood, which is why it is the most commonly purchased wood. However, this makes it more prone to damage from moisture or humidity. Fortunately, this is not a major problem with engineered hardwood, which is installed with expansion space around the perimeter.

Many homeowners believe that the appearance of hardwood floors makes their home appear larger. While this is true, it is not recommended for use in basements. Also, if you have pets, it is best to avoid this type of flooring. If your dog or cat has paws, it can scratch the surface of the floor, and older dogs may have trouble gripping the floor. Alternatively, you can add rugs and doormats to prevent scratches.

Wood floors can be installed in just about any room. Whether you want a classic or contemporary style, a hardwood floor will go with the rest of your decor. Choose your hardwood based on the style of your home and your budget. But remember to clean and maintain the floor regularly. This will help to protect it from damage and keep it looking its best.

Another factor to consider when selecting hardwood is the Janka Hardness Scale. It is an industry standard for determining the strength and durability of a hardwood floor. It ranks the different species of wood on a scale from zero to a thousand. With a higher score, the harder the floor.

If you are concerned about the environmental impact of hardwood, it is recommended that you choose a hardwood that has been harvested from a forest that has been sustainably managed. Additionally, if you have allergies or respiratory problems, you will be more comfortable in a home with hardwood flooring.

Once you decide on a type of hardwood, you can find it in a variety of colors and finishes. These can range from matte to high gloss. Some woods also retain their natural odor for many years. You can purchase distressed hardwood in both solid and engineered.

To get the most out of your hardwood, you should consult with a professional before installation. A good flooring company will be able to recommend the best cleaning products for your particular needs.


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